Saturday, February 6, 2010

United Colors of Warmth

You would think that international brands couldn't just run their ads in every country, but with all the heat it still works here. A recent winter sale was well populated.

The other morning we were zipping across town in an auto and noticed a woman on her motor bike. She wore a pair of leopard print ear muffs. We asked the driver why she was dressed that way and he replied, "Because of the cold." They must be right because lots of people are sick and the fevers last sometimes a month. We don't disbelieve them, but it is still 85 degrees warm to us!!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, ear muffs at 85 degrees! But we are freezing at night here at 69 degrees.

Tamara said...

85 and cold, huh ummmm...they should try Nauvoo. We are in a cold spell again:)